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Chinook Submissions

Submissions in each year's edition are not only from the La Junta area, but also surrounding schools, businesses, and individuals.


Submissions can be sent to

When submitting work, students must include their name, phone number, e-mail address, address, and title. Submissions without titles will not be considered.  

Students may enter poetry (24 lines), essays or short stories (1500 words or less), and/or visual art including photography and artwork (must be submitted as JPEG picture file). The theme for this year, Chamber of Reflections, was chosen to inspire submitters to write or to create visual art, which displays a viewpoint that they are passionate about. Submitters are also encouraged to write or submit visual arts that display any topics that they have deeply reflected on such as self-reflection, world event, and relationship pieces.  

For more information: 



Contact faculty advisor Chris Stork: