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College Credit to Jumpstart Your Otero Program

Have you taken some college courses but haven’t earned a degree or certificate yet? The Alternative Credit Project ™ (ACP) provides a pool of online courses that Otero College will accept towards your degree (up to 75% of the credits required for a degree or certificate). A national program of the American Council on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started; get a degree, or a post-secondary certificate.

American Council on Education (ACE)

ACE has engaged 40 colleges and universities and three systems with a strong commitment to access and attainment in this alternative credit consortium. Several of these institutions helped to identify high-demand lower division general education subject areas, agreed-upon quality course and provider criteria and identified high-quality online education providers across the selected subject areas.

Selected courses have undergone ACE’s credit recommendation process throughout spring 2015 which will lead to a pool of about 100 low-cost or no-cost online courses. Participating institutions agree to accept a large number of these courses and visibly communicate their acceptance of the courses to students. Institutions also agree to provide anonymized data to ACE regarding the amount of credit their institution accepts through this project as well as retention and attainment rates of students transferring in courses from this project.

American Council on Education (ACE) is engaged in an Alternative Credit Project ™ to encourage greater acceptance of students’ alternative credit and create a more flexible pathway towards post-secondary education attainment for the more than 32 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree.

Otero College will accept these ACP courses as transfer credits:

This is a list of Alternative Credit Project ™ courses that the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) have approved. It is a general list and subject to change as courses are further reviewed. Be sure to check with Otero Student Services for the most recent course information.

All ACE credit recommendations are eligible for evaluation for credit at Otero. If you don’t see your course on this list, contact us to learn about our ACE evaluation process and your opportunities for credit.

DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
AccountingAccounting IStraighterlineACPE-0086ACC 10214
Accounting IIPearsonACPE-0087ACC 10224
Accounting IIStraighterlineACPE-0088ACE 10224
Intro to Financial AccountingSaylorACPE-0113ACC 10013
Managerial AccountingEd4OnlineACPE-0117ACC 20263
Principles of Accounting 1Ed4OnlineACPE-0132ACC 10214
Principles of Accounting 2Ed4OnlineACPE-0133ACC 10224
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
AlgebraCollege AlgebraSaylorACPE-0016MAT 02503
College AlgebraStraighterlineACPE-0018MAT 13404
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Anatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy and PhysiologyEd4OnlinePending Review
Anatomy and PhysiologyPearsonACPE-0090BIO 10064
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Business, GeneralIntroduction to BusinessSaylorACPE-0107BUS 10153
Introduction to BusinessStraighterlineACPE-0108BUS 10153
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Business TechIntro to Business Info SystemsPearsonACPE-0109CIS 20673
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
CalculusCalculus ISaylorACPE-0015MAT 24105
Pre CalculusStraighterlineACPE-0019MAT 14405
General Calculus IStraighterlineACPE-0040MAT 24105
General Calculus IIStraighterlineACPE-0041MAT 24205
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
CommunicationCorporate CommunicationSaylorACPE-0006BUS 20173
SaylorACPE-0006COM 11053
Business CommunicationStraighterlineACPE-0009COM 11053
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Critical ThinkingIntroduction to LiteraturePearsonPending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
English CompositionEnglish Composition IStraighterlineENG 10213
English Composition IIStraighterlineACPE-0026ENG 10223
Composition and English LabPearsonACPE-0003ENG 0091 (sl)1
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Human ResourcesHuman Resource ManagementEd4OnlineACPE-0102MAN 20003
Human Resource ManagementPearsonACPE-0104MAN 20003
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Law and EthicsBusiness LawPearsonACPE-0097BUS 20163
PearsonACPE-0097BUS 20183
Business LawStraighterlineACPE-0098BUS 20183
Business Law and EthicsSaylorPending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
ManagementPrinciples of ManagementPearsonACPE-0122MAN 20263
Principles of ManagementSaylorACPE-0123MAN 20263
Principles of ManagementStraighterlineACPE-0124MAN 20263
Project ManagementSophiaACPE-0128MAN 20413
Business ManagementEd4OnlineACPE-0135MAN 20263
Organizational BehaviorPearsonACPE-0120MAN 20153
Organizational BehaviorStraighterlineACPE-0121MAN 20153
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
MarketingIntroduction to MarketingJumpCoursePending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
NutritionIntroduction to NutritionStraighterlinePending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
PhilosophyBusiness EthicsStraighterlineACPE-0095PHI 20053
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
PhysicsGeneral Physics (and Gen Physics Lab)StraighterlineACPE-0038PHY 21115
General Physics Lab (and Gen Physics)StraighterlineACPE-0039PHY 2111
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
ReligionApproaches to Studying ReligionStraighterlineACPE-0061Pending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
SpanishSpanish IStraighterlineACPE-0129SPA 10115
Spanish IIStraighterlineACPE-0130SPA 10125
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
StatisticsStatisticsPearsonACPE-0014Pending Review
Introduction to StatisticsSaylorACPE-0017MAT 12603
Introduction to StatisticsJumpCourseACPE-0032Pending Review
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
Student DevelopmentProfessional and Career DevelopmentEd4OnlineACPE-0051MAR 10063
Student SuccessPearsonACPE-0054AAA 10011
Student SuccessStraighterlineACPE-00564AAA 10093
DisciplineCourse TitleProviderACE TranscCCNS EqivCredit
TechnologyComputer BasicsEd4OnlineACPE-0100CIS 10153
Managing Info SystemsEd4OnlineACPE-0118CIS 20673

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

At Otero College we realize significant learning happens outside of the formal classroom setting and often in the workplace or through your interest in independently learning about a subject. You may be working through a career change after many years in the workforce or you may be leaving high school with AP or IB test scores. You might have a national certification in a technical field or perhaps you received training in the military.

The objectives of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) or Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) programs are to award credit in three ways:

  1. For prior learning through the use of published guides
  2. Standardized testing programs
  3. Portfolio assessment.

The learning must be demonstrable and must have both a theoretical and applied component; it must also be college-level, currently applicable, and be equated to a specific course or courses in the College curriculum. Through the Prior Learning Assessment Credit  process, you can have your learning evaluated regardless of where, when, or how you acquired it as long as you can document your learning and it can be verified at a college level.

Military Training

Students who have military training and experience can earn credit based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations on their Joint Services Transcript. For further information please see:

Note: A student at Otero College may receive credit for prior learning only if the learning is evaluated through formal procedures, meets the standards of specific courses at the college and relates to the educational program in which the student is enrolled.

Please Note: A student must have completed a minimum of 6 credit hours at Otero before CPL credit will be awarded.

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