Master Computer Application Programs

Computer literacy is a necessity in today’s work environment. Otero College has partnered with ed2go to offer online Computer Applications courses to help you on your path to computer literacy.

Master Microsoft Office and quickbooks to advance your career. These courses will take you from introductory concepts to an advanced understanding of the programs most employers use on a daily basis. 

  • Improve productivity
  • Master Microsoft Office applications
  • Learn how to analyze data
  • Learn professional bookkeeping skills

Choose from 6-week long courses to help advance your skills or go through in depth certification trainings to prepare you for those invaluable Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications. Go beyond just understanding the basic features and become an indispensable member of your office team.

Featured Non-Credit Courses:

Featured Non-Credit Career Training

What is ed2go?

  • Ed2go is an online learning platform that hosts expert developed courses to help you prepare for a new career or polish some of your personal and professional skills. From advanced career training certifications to short 6 week courses, find the online class that fits your schedule.

Do I have to apply to Otero College to register for ed2go’s online courses and trainings?

  • No. Students who register for ed2go’s online courses DO NOT have to apply to Otero College.

Will I be eligible for financial aid?

  • Students who register for ed2go’s online courses are not elgibile for financial aid through Otero College.

Will these courses count for college credit?

  • Courses provided by ed2go are considered non-credit and are not a part of Otero’s academic program curriculum.

Will I have an advisor to help me with these courses?

  • Yes. Each course has a dedicated student advising team to support you as you learn new skills and navigate the online curriculum.

Does Otero College certify these trainings and programs?

  • Once you have finished your online education, you will receive a certificate from Otero College acknowledging that you have completed your program of choice.

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