Hybrid Courses

Otero College HYBRID Courses provide students some flexibility. Students will have scheduled face-to-face meetings with Otero instructors in these courses; A Learning Management System (LMS) is to be used to enhances the experience, allowing students to access course materials, complete reading and writing assignments, take exams, and communicate with the instructor and other students.

Otero HYBRID courses are not independent study or self-paced, they are instructor-paced. Students may contact their instructor via phone, email, or personal visits. Students will need to be proficient with computers to access the Internet, reply to emails, and send attachments. Students also need to assume responsibility as a full partner in their HYBRID learning process.


  • Allows students the opportunity to take classes in a time-frame that meets their individual needs.
  • One-on-one interaction with the instructor.
  • Otero staff and faculty are available for technical assistance.

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements may change based on program upgrades. It is the responsibility of the students to keep their software updated with the latest upgrades.

Students will need to be proficient with computers to access the Internet, reply to emails, and send attachments. Students also need to assume responsibility as a full partner in their online learning process.

Tips for Success

  • Attend the on-campus orientation/tutorial session offered each semester.
  • Take advantage of the D2L Tutorial online before getting started.
  • Communicate with your instructors often; they are your contact for the course.
  • Read your course syllabus carefully. This has all the information regarding your responsibilities as well as add/drop and withdrawal dates.
  • Log into your class right away and often to view new postings, assignments and tests.
  • Expect to commit as much time to an online class as would be required for a traditional class.

Students who do not have access to a computer may find computers available in the Educational Assistance Center, in McBride Hall, in the Wheeler Learning Commons, or during open computer labs on campus. The philosophy of Continuing Education recognizes that learning continues throughout life. Opportunities are provided for the adult to pursue or resume intellectual interests, to increase vocational competence, to develop worthwhile recreational activities, and to improve quality of life. Blended with traditional programming, Continuing Education opportunities are responsive to current needs.

General Information About Hybrid Classes

Access Codes/E-Packs

Some courses at Otero College use course materials called E-Packs, which are provided by the textbook publisher. In a few cases, you will need an Access Code in order to complete your login to these courses and access all course information.

If your course uses an E-Pack, the access code will generally be included with your textbook. You may need to purchase the E-Pack Access Code separately. Ask in the Otero College Bookstore about purchasing an Access Code.

Accessing Courses

Once the semester begins, you can access your Otero College delivered courses by going to the Otero Portal and following these steps exactly:

  • Go to:
  • Select “MyOtero” from the navigation bar at the top of the web page.
  • Select “Log On” button
  • Enter your Portal ID and Password as listed below:
    • Portal ID: Your S Number Example: S12345678
      (If you do not know your S# at 719-384-6800.)
    • Password: (case sensitive) Your Password
  • Go to your Student Tab for a list of your courses.

Class Attendance

Students should always notify faculty and/or instructors of absences beforehand, if possible. If class work cannot be turned in due to: Serious illnesses or death in the family, arrangements are to be made between the student and the instructor. In case of extended absences, the Student Services Center should be notified.

All students must log on to a class after registration within the first twelve days of any semester or they will be administratively dropped from the course(s).


Your email address is an important avenue of communication between Otero College and you. It is vitally important that you keep Otero College informed of your correct email address. Your instructor/s and Student Services may need to communicate with you through this address.

Make sure that Otero College emails to you are not filtered out by any anti-SPAM program you are running. Generally Otero College email will be identified by a person’s name listed as firstname.lastname@

Student ID
If you do not know your Student ID and/or PIN number please contact Student Services office at 719-384-6800 to obtain your information.

Student ID Numbers

Your student ID number begins with an “S” followed by eight numbers (for example, S12345678). Your Student ID number is not the same as your Social Security Number.

You will need this number to be able to access your WebCT courses and campus computers. If you forget your Student ID Number, please contact Student Services at 719-384-6800.

PIN (Personal Identification Number)/Password

You will use the same 6-digit PIN that you created when you printed out your schedule in the My Community EDucation portal of the Otero College website. Your original PIN will be your 6 digit birth date. (Example May 18, 1975 would be 051875). The first time you log onto My Community EDucation you are asked to change your password. This is the password you will use for WebCT courses.

Student Responsibilities

Mutual Respect in Otero College Communications:

A very important aspect of learning is an environment that provides for respectful communication. The Otero College learning community is based on the value of mutually respectful communication.

Upon enrolling in courses delivered by Otero College, students assume responsibility for respectful communications with other students and with course instructors, including communications, which do not disrupt the Hybrid course environment.

Violations of Mutual Respect in Otero College Communications:

Disruptive Communications


  • Communications which disrupt the respectful learning environment.
  • Use of profanity, insulting or harassing remarks in email, discussions, chat or telephone communications.


  • A student who participates in disruptive communications forfeits the right to further class participation and is subject to removal from the Hybrid course for the given term without reimbursement by Otero College.
  • A student who is suspended more than once for disruptive communications forfeits the rights to further enrollments in Otero College Hybrid delivered courses.



  • Log into your course on the first day of class.
  • Read your syllabus and understand what is expected for the course.
  • Communicate with faculty if you encounter any problems.
  • If you are having technical problems with WebCT contact Otero College support after reading the troubleshooting information. They will be happy to help you.
  • Communications in e-mails and discussions should be professional. Any disruptive communications will cause you to be blocked from further ability to use the communication tool and/or dropped from the course.


There are several ways that you can receive help with Desire2Learn issues. First, while you are in your course, click on the Help link. This link will connect you to a searchable index of help topics. Also, you can visit the Desire2Learn Student Resources page for access to helpful information, including FAQs (frequently asked questions) for Students.

Otero College support is available by phone from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday-Friday. Call us at 719-384-6839 or 719-384-6982. You can expect a response within 24 business hours. If you are having problems, please pursue these methods so you can get assistance before you fall behind in your course(s).

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