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Academic Renewal

Focused on Your Future

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Otero College now offers Academic Renewal to students wishing to exclude old, unsuccessful grades from their current grade point average. This will allow a student with past below-average grades to meet graduation requirements for current coursework.

Students may request to have up to 30 credits excluded from their grade point average by petitioning for Academic Renewal. Grades of D or F may be excluded. Grades of C, B, or A are considered average or above and cannot be excluded. The original credit and grade will remain on the student's transcript with a notation indicating that Academic Renewal has been granted.

To qualify for Academic Renewal, students must wait at least two calendar years after the coursework to apply. Students must also complete at least 6 semester credits with a 2.000 minimum term GPA during the term in which they apply for Academic Renewal. A student may only apply once for Academic Renewal.

Academic Renewal will not affect financial aid or current academic standing. The service is offered to allow a student who is currently succeeding academically to meet graduation requirements despite previous unsuccessful coursework.

Academic Renewal Form

For more information on the Academic Renewal process, stop by the Otero Student Services Center on south San Juan Avenue or call 719-384-6800.