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Academic & Career Pathways

A field at sunset with hay bales.

Agriculture Business (AS)

Ag Business Management - ABM certifications

  • Records and Business Planning (cert)
  • Financial Analysis (cert)
  • Commodity Marketing (cert)
  • Market Plan Development (cert)
  • Web Productivity and Utilization (cert)
  • Advanced Business Management (cert)
  • Integrated Management (cert)
  • Profit Maximization (cert)
  • Rural Business Entrepreneurship (cert)
  • Leadership/Human Resource Management (cert)

Agriculture Education (AS)

Animal Science (AS)

Soil & Crop Science (AS)

Agriculture Production (AAS)

  • Crop Production (AAS)
    • Crop Production (cert)
    • Horticulture (cert)
    • Pesticide Application (cert)
  • Livestock Production (AAS)
    • Agricultural Production Management (cert)
    • Artificial Insemination - Cattle (cert)
    • Livestock Production (cert)
People exchanging credit card information.
Business & Techology
An image of a person getting their hair cut and a welder.
Skilled Trades


  • Barbering (cert)


  • Esthetics (cert)
  • Cosmetology (cert)
  • Hair Stylist (cert)
  • Nail Tech (cert)


  • Oxyacetylene (cert)
  • Welding Fundamentals I (cert)
  • Welding Fundamentals II (cert)
  • Advanced Welding Pipe (cert)
  • Advanced Welding Railroad (cert)
  • Welding Production (cert)
Therapist and patient talking.
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Woman in office smiling at coworker.
Community & Workforce Ed