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Construction Trades

Start a Career in Construction Trades

Construction trades is a diverse and steadily growing field with plenty of room for for those with carpentry, electrical and plumbing knowledge. If you have a passion for solving problems and working with your hands, construction trades might be the right career choice for you. Otero College offers 3 hands-on certificate pathways that will take you from introductory concepts to advanced training in the fields of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding and project management. Refine your skillset and complete class projects that will prepare you for real world construction and home improvement sites.

Job Outlook for Construction Trades Professionals

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) the median annual wage for construction trades was $48,210. The field is projected to grow 4% from 2021 to 2031. In addition to new jobs from growth, opportunities arise from the need to replace workers who leave their occupations permanently. About 723,400 openings each year, on average, are projected to come from growth and replacement needs.

What You Will Learn

  • Carpentry concepts include; concrete forms and foundations, cold-formed steel framing, exterior finishing, thermal and moisture protection, roofing applications, doors and door hardware, drywall installation, drywall finishing, suspended ceilings, window, door, floor, ceiling trim, and cabinet installation.
  • Electrical concepts include; electrical safety, theory and application, electric lighting, conduit bending, pull and junction boxes, conductor installations, cable tray, conductor terminations and splices, grounding and bonding, circuit breakers and fuses, and control systems
  • Plumbing concepts include; piping and proper fitting, fixtures and distribution systems as well as installing and testing Drainage, Waste, and Vent systems, installing roof, floor area drains and servicing various types of valves and fixture installations.
  • Welding concepts include: understanding structural welding concepts and utilizing the oxyacetylene, air carbon arc, exothermic, and plasma arc cutting processes.
  • Learn the principals of project planning, scheduling, estimating and management and gain the skills to supervise personnel.
  • Understand code enforcement and building inspection processes and learn basic construction site safety, interpreting construction drawings and blueprints, and how to handle materials.

Certificate Pathway

Construction Trades Basic Certificate

CON 157
CAR 105
CON 128
CON 158
CON 162
CON 166

Jobsite Layout
Cost Estimation
NCCER Carpentry I
NCCER Electrical I
NCCER Plumbing I

5 credits
1 credit
2 credits
6 credits
6 credits
6 credits

Construction Trades Advanced Certificate 

CAR 115
CON 140
CON 207
CON 159
CON 163
CON 167
Form and Foundation
Intro to building Code
Light Const. Eqpmt
NCCER Carpentry II
NCCER Electrical II
NCCER Plumbing II
1 credit
3 credits
3 credits
6 credits
6 credits
6 credits

Completion of the first 2 certificates is a pre-requisite to completing the master certificate.

Construction Trades Master Certificate

WEL 101
WEL 121
WEL 122
CON 156
CON 262
CON 245

Allied Cutting Process
Structural Welding I
Structural Welding II
Building Permits/Lic.
Oral/Written Comm.
Project Management

4 credits
3 credits
3 credits
4 credits
2 credits
4 credits