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Music - AA

If you express yourself through singing, writing songs, or playing an instrument, a Music degree can help you take your talents to the next level, whether on a stage or in a recording studio. In addition to honing your vocal or instrumental abilities, you will learn about music theory and composition and be immersed in the history of different musical styles and genres. If performance isn’t your passion, there are plenty of opportunities behind the scenes as a music producer, concert promoter, or talent agent. You can also help others discover the joy and healing power of music as a music teacher or music therapist. Music enriches our collective human condition and enhances the intrinsic value of life for everyone. The study of music presents students with a unique opportunity to understand history and culture through the lens of creative expression.

In an associate program in Music, you will receive “ear training” and private instruction to work on aspects of musicality such as pitch, tone, and rhythm. This degree is transferable to universities offering a bachelor’s degree in music, as well as visual and performing arts.


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Music - AA (60 credits)
Required Courses that Fulfill General Education Requirements (31 Credit Hours)
  Credit Hours Course Number and Title
(Written) Communication 6 ENG 121/1021 English Composition I and ENG 122/1022 English Composition II
ENG 122/1022 English Composition II and a GT Pathways approved CO3 course
Mathematics 3 One GT Pathways course (GT-MA1), prefer MAT 120/1240
Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Arts & Humanities  6 MUS 121/1021 Music History: Medieval through Classical 
MUS 122/1022 Music History: Early Romantic Period to Present 
History  3 One GT Pathways History course (GT-HI1)
Social & Behavioral Sciences 6 Two GT Pathways Social & Behavioral Sciences courses (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, GT-SS3)
Natural & Physical Sciences 7 Two GT Pathways Natural & Physical Sciences courses (GT-SC1, GTSC2); one must have the required laboratory (GT-SC1)
*Additional Required Courses (29 Credit Hours)
Credit Hours Course Number and Title
3 MUS 110/1010 Music Theory I 
3 MUS 111/1011 Music Theory II 
3 MUS 210/2010 Music Theory III 
3 MUS 211/2011 Music Theory IV 
1 MUS 112/1012 Ear Training/Sight Singing I Lab
1 MUS 113/1013 Ear Training/Sight Singing II Lab
1 MUS 212/2012 Advanced Ear Training/Sight Singing I Lab 
1 MUS 213/2013 Advanced Ear Training/Sight Singing II Lab 
1 MUS 151/1051 Ensemble I 
1 MUS 152/1052 Ensemble II 
1 MUS 251/2051 Ensemble I
1 MUS 252/2052 Ensemble II 
1 MUS 141/1041 Private Instruction 
1 MUS 142/1042 Private Instruction 
1 MUS 241/2041 Private Instruction 
1 MUS 242/2042 Private Instruction 
2 MUS 131/1031 Music Class I: Piano 
Any Music Electives - 3 credit hours

*CSU-Ft. Collins requires that one of these courses be PSY 101/1001 General Psychology I.

Otero College is a part of a Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreement between Colorado community colleges and universities. These agreements allow you to graduate from a community college with a 60-credit Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree with designation; enroll with junior status at a university; and complete your bachelor’s degree. If you attend full-time and follow the structured schedule, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in 4 years.

The following Colorado public four-year institutions will accept your completed Music - AA degree from Otero College.

Adams State University
[B.A. Music; Liberal Arts emphasis]

Colorado Mesa University
[B.A. Music]

Colorado State University-Ft Collins
[B.A. Music]

Colorado State University-Pueblo
[B.A. Music]

Fort Lewis College
[B.A. Music; General Studies Music option]

Metropolitan State University of Denver
[B.A. Music]

University of Colorado Boulder
[B.A. Music]

University of Colorado Colorado Springs
[B.A. Visual & Performing Arts; Music option]

University of Northern Colorado
[B.A. Music]

Western Colorado University
[B.A. Music]