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Practical Nursing


Practical Nursing (LPN)

The ADN (RN) Program is designed with a Practical Nursing exit option. The student may choose to take an additional course at the end of the first year of the program and then will have completed the requirements for a Practical Nursing Certificate. Graduates with a PN Certificate are eligible to apply to take the state licensing exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

In the full-time program, students will be in class, lab or clinical five days a week Monday through Friday during the regular fall and spring semesters for four semesters.

In the N.E.W. program, students will be in class or lab two evenings a week and complete clinical on the weekends (usually every other weekend). This program runs year round and is completed in approximately six semesters.

Program Description

Practical Nursing CertificateThe Practical Nursing program is an exit option after completing the first two semesters of the ADN-RN program. Students opt to take the PN Socialization course and then are eligible to take their PN State Licensing exam.

The Practical Nursing Certificate option is designed to provide education to prepare the student for practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse after completion of the first two semesters of the ADN RN program.

For LPN to RN Program:

Nursing Program admission is based on a competitive scoring system. Admission selections will be made from the highest admission scores down, until all slots are filled. The following criteria will be used to determine each applicant’s admission score:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) in prerequisite and other required courses minimum 2.5.
  2. Active and unencumbered LPN license with work history.
  3. If LPN license was first obtained more than 3 years ago NUR189-LPN Transition to RN course is required. (this is course is offered in the summer semester).
  4. Previous health care experience (CNA, LPN, etc.) receives 5 points towards admission.
  5. Permanent address in the Otero Service area or past military service- optional but receives 5 points toward admission.

For the complete Nursing Program Admissions Procedure go to: Nursing Requirements