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Health & Fitness

Become a Health Professional

The health field can be a diverse and exciting field to enter into. At its core, working in the Health and Fitness field means helping people live their best lives.  Whether you’re a personal trainer developing a health conscious diet or processing medical billing information and organizing important health records, these roles can help facilitate the well-being of others.

Otero College and ed2go have partnered to bring you a diverse grouping of courses from the Health and Fitness field that include:

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Dental
  • Fitness
  • Medical
  • Veterinary
  • Wellness

Learn valuable health & wellness skills that you can showcase to prospective or current employers or start your own health and wellness business. Advance your career with training and preparation to qualify for entry-level positions and national certifications in the health industry. You can even learn about holistic health traditions and mindfulness. The Health & Fitness field is as varied as the people it serves and for those with a desire to make a positive difference in their community should look into this career field.

Featured Non-Credit Courses:

Featured Non-Credit Career Training:


What is ed2go?

  • Ed2go is an online learning platform that hosts expert developed courses to help you prepare for a new career or polish some of your personal and professional skills. From advanced career training certifications to short 6 week courses, find the online class that fits your schedule.

Do I have to apply to Otero College to register for ed2go's online courses and trainings?

  • No. Students who register for ed2go's online courses DO NOT have to apply to Otero College.

Will I be eligible for financial aid?

  • Students who register for ed2go's online courses are not elgibile for financial aid through Otero College.

Will these courses count for college credit?

  • Courses provided by ed2go are considered non-credit and are not a part of Otero's academic program curriculum.

Will I have an advisor to help me with these courses?

  • Yes. Each course has a dedicated student advising team to support you as you learn new skills and navigate the online curriculum.

Does Otero College certify these trainings and programs?

  • Once you have finished your online education, you will receive a certificate from Otero College acknowledging that you have completed your program of choice.