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Associate of Applied Science Degree

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The Occupational Degree Programs at Otero College prepare students with skills necessary to obtain entrance level employment in the field of their educational program.  These programs are designed so most students can complete them in two years of full-time study.

Training includes job skill development and the related technical information necessary for the level or job competency which is the stated goal of each program. These programs vary widely in the technical information and skill levels required of students. Entering students should consult with advisors as to the academic background and proficiency required in a specific program.

Students with previous occupational courses in high school or training in the military services, or training via some other source may be given allowance for this knowledge or skill and given advanced standing in occupational programs of their choice.

Students receiving the Associate of Applied Science Degree must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of General Education courses. This requirement is to fulfill the legal and procedural mandates of the Colorado Legislature, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, and the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education, as well as the goals of the college.

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (Online Catalog)

Otero offers three Associate of Applied Science Degrees. For specific requirements of the degree you are interested in, please select the links below:

AAS Agriculture

AAS Medical Laboratory Technician

Students interested in the Associate Degree Nursing program should refer to the specific Associate Degree Nursing admission requirements:

Associate Degree of Nursing

The listing of a course or program in this or any other college publication does not constitute a guarantee, nor contract, that the particular course or program will be offered during the time listed. All courses or programs are subject to scheduling changes or cancellations. Every effort to inform students of such changes and/or cancellations will be made.