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Associate of Science Degree

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Students who choose to fulfill the following degree requirements will be eligible to receive the Associate of Science Degree. The Associate of Science Degree program is normally utilized by those students planning to transfer to a four-year institution at the completion of two years at Otero College in order to complete their Bachelor of Science Degree.

Associate of Science Degree (Online Catalog)

AS Degree Programs

Minimum Competency Standards for Program Admission

Students desiring to enroll in the Associate of Arts or Science degree program must meet or exceed the following entrance examination scores:

Otero College uses the results of a basic skills assessment test (Accuplacer) to direct students into appropriate English, reading and mathematics courses and to advise students in the selection of other courses. Prior to enrollment, all new students must complete an assessment. Research on Colorado’s basic skills assessment programs indicates that new students who follow assessment-related advice have a higher rate of academic success.

Colorado law now mandates that students who do not have the minimum test scores must complete the required remedial coursework. Please refer to information in the Mandatory Basic Skills Assessment and Placement section of this catalog for exemptions to the BSAT test.

The listing of a course or program in this or any other college publication does not constitute a guarantee, or contract, that the particular course or program will be offered during the time listed. All courses or programs are subject to scheduling changes or cancellations. Every effort to inform students of such changes and/or cancellations will be made.

Academic and Related Requirements

  1. Earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average from Otero College.
  2. Complete a minimum of 16 semester hours at Otero College.
  3. Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours as outlined in the above Course Requirements for the Associate of Science Degree.
  4. Complete with a grade of “C” or higher all required courses (38/39 semester credit hours) that are to be counted towards the general education core curriculum.
  5. Complete the Application for Graduation form by the end of the first week of Spring Semester and pay for Cap, Gown, and Diploma by March 1.
  6. Be enrolled in Otero College classes for semester of intended graduation.
  7. Complete the requirements for graduation in effect at the time of first-time enrollment. (Note: Students not enrolled for two semesters are required to complete all degree requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.)
  8. Meet all financial obligations to the College.

Graduation Restrictions

  1. May not use Basic Skills courses (those numbered below the general education core curriculum) toward the degree program.
  2. May not be granted more than one academic degree in the same semester.
  3. May not apply occupational/technical/vocational courses toward the degree program other than those specified above.