Transfer Students

Transfer Guidelines

Transfer students who request credit for previous work at other institutions must submit an application for admission and an official transcript of all previous college work. Otero must receive the transcripts of college credits directly from the institutions previously attended.

Students on disciplinary suspension from another college may be admitted on an individual basis after an appropriate conference with the administration of Otero College.

Credits from non-accredited institutions

Otero College will not accept courses taken at institutions which are not accredited by a regional accrediting association, i.e., the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Credits from Accredited Institutions

Regular academic courses completed are generally accepted in transfer to Otero. Courses that are not equivalent in content to any course at Otero can be accepted as elective credit. In either case, only courses indicating a grade of C or higher will transfer.

Otero will accept courses for transfer completed at an accredited college or university or other approved institution within ten years before admission to Otero College. Natural science courses, psychology courses, and computer courses must have been completed within the last ten years.

Courses accepted in transfer to Otero are not accepted with the assurance that they will all count toward a specific degree or certificate. The departmental requirements for the various associate degrees or vocational certificates vary considerably, and, therefore, the department head for a particular program determines what courses students must complete to satisfy departmental curriculum requirements.

Only credit earned in nontechnical subjects is initially accepted from technical institutes that are accredited by a regional collegiate accrediting association. Otero accepts no credit from technical institutes, business schools, or other post high school institutes that are not members of regional collegiate accrediting associations.

The evaluation of previous postsecondary education and training is mandatory and required for VA beneficiaries.  For students utilizing Veterans benefits who are approved for transfer credit as a result of this evaluation, the institution will grant appropriate credit, reduce the program length proportionately, notify the student and Veterans Affairs in writing of this decision, and adjust invoicing of the VA accordingly. 

The student has the right of appeal to the Academic Review Committee for any decision of non-acceptance of transfer credit. The student must submit this appeal to the Chair of the Committee. The Chair will present documents to the Committee, and the student has the right to attend the appeal.

College credit earned while a student in high school

Students who complete college-level courses at a college or university while attending high school may be allowed college credit providing the following conditions are met:

  1. College or university must be fully accredited, and courses presented must be transfer level.
  2. Normally, the courses must not have been used for high school graduation unless a prior agreement has been made between the high school and the College. The high school must submit a verification statement to this effect.
  3. If the high school and the College enter into a formal written agreement in accord with the State of Colorado’s Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act, both the high school and the College may allow credit.
  4. The college or university must send an official transcript showing the courses completed.

Re-Entering Students

Students who are returning after an absence of more than one year or three semesters (including summer) must complete a new application form. A student who has a break in enrollment of three consecutive semesters or more, including summer, must meet catalog program requirements in use at time of re-enrollment. If Otero College has discontinued or has given notice of discontinuance of the program in which the student was previously enrolled, the student cannot re-enroll in that program.

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