All students, staff, and faculty are automatically enrolled to receive emergency notifications via their school email, home phone, and work phone as available through the Banner system. To receive mobile phone and text messages (SMS), users must opt-in to this service on their MyOtero dashboard by clicking on the “Update Otero Alert” link in the MyOtero box. The College does not charge for signing up to AppArmor; however, standard text messaging fees may apply to text messages received via this system. The user is responsible for payment of these costs

Download AppArmor Emergency Alert App

How to Update AppArmor Alert Information

  1. From the Otero College website, log in to your MyOtero account.
  2. Once on the main MyOtero dashboard, scroll down to the box that says My Otero and select “Update Otero Alert”.
  3. From here you can update your primary phone contact information to stay up to date with Otero alerts.
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