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Construction Trades



The construction program at Otero College is designed to prepare students to obtain entry-level employment in the construction trades industry and further pursue careers as an electrician, pluber, HVAC tech, carpenter or project manager.

This program is designed to allow enrollment of both secondary and post-secondary students.


Construction Trades Basic Certificate

CON 157
CAR 105
CON 128
CON 158
CON 162
CON 166

Jobsite Layout
Cost Estimation
NCCER Carpentry I
NCCER Electrical I
NCCER Plumbing I

5 credits
1 credit
2 credits
6 credits
6 credits
6 credits


Construction Trades Advanced Certificate 

CAR 115
CON 140
CON 207
CON 159
CON 163
CON 167

Form and Foundation
Intro to building Code
Light Const. Eqpmt
NCCER Carpentry II
NCCER Electrical II
NCCER Plumbing II

1 credit
3 credits
3 credits
6 credits
6 credits
6 credits


Construction Trades master Certificate (completion of first 2 certificates plus the following)

WEL 101
WEL 121
WEL 122
CON 156
CON 262
CON 245

Allied Cutting Process
Structural Welding I
Structural Welding II
Building Permits/Lic.
Oral/Written Comm.
Project Management

4 credits
3 credits
3 credits
4 credits
2 credits
4 credits