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AGP Agriculture Production


AGP 146 / 1046 Artificial Insemination Management 2 Credits                                                                                                                          Provides a study of applied fundamentals of anatomy and reproduction as they pertain to artificial insemination. This course emphasizes the handling of frozen semen, heat detection and nutritional management for artificial insemination (AI). Individualized training is given in developing and perfecting insemination techniques in live cattle. (Contact hours – 30)

AGP 147 / 1047 Practical Cattle Reproduction 2 Credits                                                                                                                                                     Studies the fundamentals of cattle reproduction. Principles covered include nutrition, breeding, system management, physiology of the reproductive tract, hormone function, fertilization, stages of pregnancy, and overall reproductive management of the cow herd. This course emphasizes economic decision making, practical experience, and practical applications in reproductive management that may include reproductive tract scoring, pelvic measuring, body condition scoring, artificial insemination, and palpating cows.  (Contact hours 37.5)

AGP 148 /1048 Cattle Reproduction Lab 1 Credit                                                                                                                                            Development of skills necessary for reproductive management of cattle in beef and dairy operations. Covers the practical application of reproductive management techniques and practices utilized in the cattle industry. (Contact hours 30)

AGP 247 / 2047 Production Cattle Feeding 3 Credits                                                                                                                                        Continues ASC212 with emphasis on production cattle feeding in large and medium size operations. The mechanics and management of feeding operations in Logan County are observed and studied. Three major areas are emphasized: feedlot layout and design, nutrition, and health. (Contact hours – 45)

AGP 280 / 2080 Production Ag. Internship 1 Credits                                                                                                                                                        To be determined by the individual instructor. A Course Description will be developed for each course and documented within the course syllabus. Refer to the SFCC Style Guide for Course Description, Required Course Learning Outcome, and Topical Outline guidelines. (Contact hours – 15)


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