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CIS Computer Information Systems

CIS 115 / 1015 – Intro to Computer Info Sys 3 Credits 

Provides an overview of computer information systems and their role in society. This course emphasizes terminology and the identification of computer components and systems used in personal and business environments. This course discusses the evaluation of systems and measures that can be applied to protect them.                                                                                                                                                      (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 118 / CIS 1018 – Intro PC Applications 3 Credits

This course introduces basic computer terminology, file management, and PC system components. Provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics. Includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet.
(Contact hours – 45)

CIS 135 / 1035 – Complete Word Processing 3 Credits 

Introduces basics of word processing software to create, edit, format, and print documents as well as advanced features to enhance documents. This course includes working with images, creating/using styles, formatting multi-page documents using advanced features of headers/footers and section breaks, integrating software to create and format tables and charts, using mail merge, and creating documents with columns.   (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 145 / 1045 – Intro to Desktop Database 3 Credits 

Explores an array of database skills. Includes table, query, form, and report creation and modification. Also includes application integration. (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 155 / 1055 – Complete Spreadsheets 3 Credits 

Introduces basic to advanced features of spreadsheet software to design and create accurate, professional worksheets for use in business and industry. The course includes entering data, creating formulas, professional formatting, creating charts, creating, sorting and filtering tables, creating and using templates, applying built-in functions, creating pivot tables, applying “what-if analysis” with data tables, creating macros, and using solver features.  (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 218 / CIS 2018 – Advanced PC Applications 3 Credits
Emphasizes solving business problems by integrating data from all of the software applications that facilitate the production of useful information. Advanced capabilities of a PC software applications suite are utilized. Printed documents, reports, slides, and forms are produced to communicate information.
(Contact hours – 60)
Prerequisite: CIS 118 / CIS 1018 or permission of instructor.

CIS 240 / 2040 – Database Design & Development 3 Credits  

Introduces the basic concepts of relational databases, data storage, and retrieval. Covers database design, data modeling, transaction processing, and introduces the Structured Query Language (SQL) for databases.  (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 267 / 2067 – Mgmt. of Information Systems 3 Credits 

Introduces the concepts and techniques of managing computer-based information resources. Includes hardware, software, personnel, control techniques, and the placement and integration of information systems resources within the organization.  (Contact hours – 45)

CIS 268 / 2068 – Systems Analysis and Design I 3 Credits 

Introduces the student to the materials, techniques, procedures, and human interrelations involved in developing computer information systems. Includes the systems approach, fact gathering techniques, forms design, input/output, file design, file organization, various charting techniques, system audits on controls, project management, implementation, and evaluation. (Contact hours – 45)

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