Academic Catalog

EST Esthetics

EST 110 / EST 1010 – Introduction to Skin Care 3 Credits
This course covers the study of skin in both theory and practical applications for skin care professionals. Topics included in the course are: skin structure and function, massage manipulations while providing facials and the benefits derived from a proper facial, and good skin care routines. Training is conducted in a classroom or lab setting using manikins or models..
(Contact hours – 60)

EST 111 / EST 1011 – Intermediate Skin Care 2 Credits
This course covers skin care and practical application pertaining to anatomy, skin disorders, skin types and facial shapes. Students will help patrons to select the proper skin care treatment(s). Practical and theory application can be done in specialized classes or supervised salon setting using models or customer service.
(Contact hours – 45)

EST 210 / EST 2010 – Advanced Skin Care 2 Credits
This course covers advanced techniques for massage, skin care, and lash/brow tinting. Theory and practical procedures ready the student for employment and preparation for State Board Licensing Examination. Instruction is provided in specialized classes or in a supervised salon setting.
(Contact hours – 45)

EST 211 / EST 2011 – Make-up for Skin Care Professionals 1 Credit
This course covers cosmetics and their functions for the skin care professional, including the importance of color theory, facial types and skin tones as they relate to facial makeup. Topics in this course include: Instruction from the basic makeup application, corrective makeup procedures, and disinfection and sanitation pertaining to all aspects of makeup.
(Contact hours – 22.5)

EST 212 / EST 2012 – Hair Removal 3 Credits
This course covers in-depth study and practice of hair removal and the practice of patron protection and safety. Training for general waxing and body waxing procedures are provided. Demonstration of disinfection and sanitation as it pertains to Colorado rules and regulations will be practiced.
(Contact hours – 60)

EST 290 / EST 2090 – Professional Development/Continuing Education 0-12 Credits
Provides students with a vehicle to pursue in depth exploration of special topics of interest.

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