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HWE Health and Wellness

HWE 100 / HWE 1050 – Human Nutrition 3 Credits
Introduces basic principles of nutrition with emphasis on personal nutrition. This course focuses on macro and micro nutrients and their effects on the functions of the human body. Special emphasis is placed on the application of wellness, disease, and lifespan as it pertains to nutrition.
(Contact hours – 45)

HWE 103 / HWE 1001: Community First Aid and CPR 1 credit
Prepares the student for certification in CPR and Basic First Aid. Skills will include basic life support, airway obstruction, control of bleeding, shock, and patient care for the unconscious.
(Contact hours – 15)

HWE 111 / HWE 1062 – Health and Wellness 3 Credits
Explores the six components of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and occupational. Topics include health risks, wellness behaviors, and personal behavior change in the areas of nutrition; exercise; substance abuse; stress management; cardiovascular and cancer risk factors; the aging process; and violence, death, and dying in our society. Provides tools to complete self-assessments and develop a wellness program for a healthier lifestyle across a lifespan.
(Contact hours – 45)

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