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MAR Marketing

MAR 106 / MAR 1006 – Marketing Your Image 3 Credits
Examine current issues, practices, challenges and trends in the marketing and management environments including truth in advertising, promotional codes of conduct and a diverse workforce.

MAR 111 / MAR 1011 – Principles of Sales 3 Credits
Addresses ethical sales techniques, the role of selling, and the marketing process. Areas of emphasis include behavioral considerations in the buying and selling process and sales techniques.

MAR 117 / MAR 1017 – Prinicples of Retailing 3 Credits
Presents the basic principles and techniques of retailing, multi-channel retailing, retail market strategy, planning merchandise assortments and buying systems, merchandising, operations, layout, store organization, site location, and customer service through a variety of retail operations.

MAR 155/ MAR 1055 – Social Media for Business 3 Credits
Focuses on the use of social media as a business strategy and how to match strategy with the goals of the business. This course compares social media marketing with traditional marketing and explores online best practices to further business goals.

MAR 160 / MAR 1060 – Customer Service 3 Credits
Enables students to learn the relationship of self to customers, problem solve and understand the importance of communicating with customers. Specific emphasis is given to managing customer expectations by building customer rapport and creating positive outcomes.

MAR 220 / MAR 2020 – Principles of Advertising 3 Credits
Examines the principles and practices of advertising and its relationship to business in the promotion of a business or organization. Areas of major emphasis include advertising principles, strategies, media, copy, and ethical considerations.

MAR 235 / MAR 2035 – Consumer Behavior 3 Credits
Explores the variables that affect consumer behavior in the marketplace and the implications of this knowledge for marketing decisions and strategies.

MAR 216 / MAR 2016 – Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
Presents the analysis of theoretical marketing processes and the strategies of product development, pricing, promotion and distribution, and their applications to businesses and the individual consumer.
(Contact hours – 45)

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