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ASC Animal Science

ASC 100 / ASC 1100 Animal Sciences 3 Credits
Covers the basic fundamentals of livestock production including the principles of nutrition, reproduction, breeding, genetics, health, and physiology of cattle, sheep, swine, horses, and other farm species. Trends and issues in animal science and animal agriculture are also discussed in this course.
(Contact hours - 45)

ASC 225 / ASC 2125 Feeds and Feeding 4 Credits
Focuses on the basic nutrients, common feeds and feed additives, anatomy of digestive systems, and basic feeding practices for beef, sheep, and dairy. The lab portion of the class is devoted to calculating and balancing rations to fulfill nutrient requirement for farm animals for growth, finishing, reproduction, lactation, work, and wool production. Explores least cost ration balancing on the computer. 
(Contact hours - 60)
Prerequisite: ASC 100 / ASC 1100 or permission of instructor.

ASC 230 / ASC 2130 Farm Animal Anatomy &Physiology 3 Credits
Introduces students to the basic concepts of farm animal anatomy and physiology with emphasis on concepts relating to nutrition, reproduction, Immunology, and growth of the basic farm species. ~Anatomy and Physiology is taught in the context of applying basic principles to production practices in the industry including reproductive management, livestock nutrition management, and animal health practices.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: ASC 100 / ASC 1100 or permission of instructor.

ASC 250 / ASC 2150 Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation 3 Credits
Explores meat carcass evaluation and the related yield and quality grading system. Emphasizes selection of breeding stock based on performance data. Covers comparative selection, grading, and judging of market and breeding classes of livestock based on knowledge of phenotype, performance, information, and/or carcass merit.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: ASC 100 / ASC 1100 or permission of instructor.

ASC 288 / ASC2188 Livestock Practicum 2 Credits
Provides experiential learning with beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine and sheep.
(Contact hours - 37.5)
Prerequisite: ASC 100 / ASC 1100 or permission of instructor.

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