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Associate of General Studies

Otero College

Students who choose to fulfill the following degree requirements will be eligible to receive the Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree.

The Associate of General Studies degree is earned by those students who complete up to half of their program in approved academic transfer courses and the remaining half in career and technical education and other academic elective courses. The Associate of General Studies degree recognizes those individuals who have completed a variety of courses in the institution without any specific major in mind. In some cases the AGS has been used in transfer to a four-year college or university.

Minimum Competency Standards for Program Admission

Students desiring to enroll in the Associate of General Studies degree program must meet or exceed the following entrance examination scores:


Students must meet or exceed the entrance examination score based on the results of a basic assessment test (Accuplacer). Otero College uses multiple measures to direct students into appropriate English, Reading and Mathematics courses and to advise students in the selection of other courses. Prior to enrollment, all new students must complete an assessment. Please call Student Services at 719-384-6831, for more information regarding course placement.

Students should refer to their specific Associate of Applied Science requirements as listed in the catalog. Specific program admission and course requirements differ for different programs The listing of a course or program in this or any other college publication does not constitute a guarantee, nor contract, that the particular course or program will be offered during the time listed. All courses or programs are subject to scheduling changes or cancellations. Every effort will be made to inform students of such changes and/or cancellations.


Otero: Associate of General Studies Degree

Non-Transfer Degree
Total Degree Credits = 60

Remedial Courses (Courses below 100 level) do not count toward graduation

Communication: 3 Credits
BUS 217     TOTAL
ENG 115      
ENG 121, 122    
ENG 221, 222    
COM 115    
COM 125    
Math: 3 Credits
MAT 103     TOTAL
MAT 107      
MAT 120, 121    
MAT 122    
MAT 125    
MAT 135    
MAT 155, 156    
MAT 201, 202, 203    
Science: 3 Credits
AST 101, 102     TOTAL
BIO 105, 106      
BIO 111, 112, 154    
BIO 201, 202    
BIO 204, 216, 221    
CHE 101, 102    
CHE 105    
CHE 111, 112    
ENV 101    
GEY 111    
GEY 121, 135    
HWE 100    
NRE 251    
PHY 105    
PHY 111, 112    
PHY 211, 212    
SCI 105    
SCI 155, 156    
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 3 Credits
HIS 101, 102     TOTAL
HIS 121, 122      
HIS 225    
ECO 201, 202    
JOU 105, 106    
POS 105, 205, 225    
POS 111    
POS 125    
GEO 105    
ANT 101, 107, 111    
PSY 101, 102    
PSY 235    
PSY 238, 239    
PSY 240    
SOC 101, 102    
SOC 215, 231    
CRJ 110    
CRJ 230    
Arts & Humanities: 3 Credits
ART 107, 207     TOTAL
ART 110      
ART 111, 112    
ART 121, 221    
ART 124, 224    
ART 131    
ART 150    
ART 151    
ART 251    
ART 161, 261    
ART 175, 275    
HUM 115    
HUM 121, 122, 123    
LIT 115, 201, 202    
LIT 205    
LIT 211, 212, 221, 222    
LIT 225, 230    
LIT 255    
MUS 110, 120, 121    
PHI 111, 112, 113    
SPA 111, 112    
SPA 211, 212    
THE 105, 111, 112, 131    
THE 132, 175, 188    
THE 211, 212    
THE 231, 232    
Academic Electives: 15 Credits
Vocational/Academic Electives: 30 Credits


All courses not used to meet the general education requirements can be used as academic electives.


The student may complete an additional 30 semester hours of career and technical education prefixed courses or other academic electives in order to satisfy this component of the degree program.

Academic Requirements

A. Earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average from Otero College.
B. Complete a minimum of 15 semester hours at Otero College.
C. Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours as outlined in the above course requirements for the Associate of General Studies Degree.
D. Successfully complete all career and technical education program courses chosen with a minimal grade of “C” in each course
E. Complete the application for graduation form by the end of the first week of Spring semester and pay for the cap and gown by March 1.
F. Be enrolled in Otero College classes for the semester in which a student intends to graduate.
G. Complete the requirements for graduation in effect at the time of first-time enrollment. (NOTE: Students who failed to be enrolled for two semesters or more will be required to complete all degree requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.)
H. Meet all financial obligations to the College.

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