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Agriculture Business Management Certificates

Certificate & Course Information

Enhancing the business management skills of area farm and ranch producers and operators in ag-related business is the purpose of the multi-year certificates offered by Otero’s Ag Business Management program. Emphasis will be placed on developing computerized records which will enable students to analyze the profitability of their overall operations, as well as each identified profit center. Students enrolling in the certificate programs must be actively operating a farm/ranch and/or agricultural related business, or have the desire to start an agriculture business. Students must have the approval of the instructor.


The program is administered by three methods; classroom instruction, which includes guided online studies, home-visit instruction where an instructor comes to student’s home, and cooperative learning. Certificates range from record keeping to marketing to complete advanced business plans.

ABM Records & Business Planning Certificate Courses
ABM 1003Records and Business Planning I – 3 credits
ABM 1004Records and Business Planning II – 3 credits
ABM 1005Records and Business Planning III – 3 credits
ABM 1006Records and Business Planning IV – 3 credits
ABM 1007Records and Business Planning V – 3 credits
ABM 1008Records and Business Planning VI – 3 credits
ABM Financial Analysis Certificate Courses
ABM 1013Financial Analysis I – 3 credits
ABM 1014Financial Analysis II – 3 credits
ABM 1015Financial Analysis III – 3 credits
ABM 1016Financial Analysis IV – 3 credits
ABM 1017Financial Analysis V – 3 credits
ABM 1018Financial Analysis VI – 3 credits
ABM Commodity Marketing Certificate Courses
ABM 1023Commodity Marketing I – 3 credits
ABM 1024Commodity Marketing II – 3 credits
ABM 1025Commodity Marketing III – 3 credits
ABM 1026Commodity Marketing IV – 3 credits
ABM 1027Commodity Marketing V – 3 credits
ABM 1028Commodity Marketing VI – 3 credits
ABM Market Plan Development Certificate Courses
ABM 1063Marketing Plan Development I – 3 credits
ABM 1064Marketing Plan Development II – 3 credits
ABM 1065Marketing Plan Development III – 3 credits
ABM 1066Marketing Plan Development IV – 3 credits
ABM 1067Marketing Plan Development V – 3 credits
ABM 1068Marketing Plan Development VI – 3 credits
ABM Web Productivity and Utilization Certificate Courses
ABM 2003Web Productivity/Utilization I – 3 Credits
ABM 2004Web Productivity/Utilization II – 3 Credits
ABM 2005Web Productivity/Utilization III – 3 Credits
ABM 2006Web Productivity/Utilization IV – 3 Credits
ABM 2007Web Productivity/Utilization V – 3 Credits
ABM 2008Web Productivity/Utilization VI – 3 Credits
ABM Advanced Business Management Certificate Courses
ABM 2013Advanced Business Management I – 3 credits
ABM 2014Advanced Business Management II – 3 credits
ABM 2015Advanced Business Management III – 3 credits
ABM 2016Advanced Business Management IV – 3 credits
ABM 2017Advanced Business Management V – 3 credits
ABM 2018Advanced Business Management VI – 3 credits
ABM Integrated Management Certificate Courses
ABM 2023Integrated Management I – 3 credits
ABM 2024Integrated Management II – 3 credits
ABM 2025Integrated Management III – 3 credits
ABM 2026Integrated Management IV – 3 credits
ABM 2027Integrated Management V – 3 credits
ABM 2028Integrated Management VI – 3 credits
ABM Profit Maximization Certificate Courses
ABM 2033Profit Maximization I – 3 credits
ABM 2034Profit Maximization II – 3 credits
ABM 2035Profit Maximization III – 3 credits
ABM 2036Profit Maximization IV – 3 credits
ABM 2037Profit Maximization V – 3 credits
ABM 2038Profit Maximization VI – 3 credits
ABM Rural Business Entrepreneurship Certificate Courses
ABM 2043Rural Business Entrepreneurship I – 3 credits
ABM 2044Rural Business Entrepreneurship II – 3 credits
ABM 2045Rural Business Entrepreneurship III – 3 credits
ABM 2046Rural Business Entrepreneurship IV – 3 credits
ABM 2047Rural Business Entrepreneurship V – 3 credits
ABM 2048Rural Business Entrepreneurship VI – 3 credits
ABM Leadership/Human Resource Management Certificate Courses
ABM 2053Leadership/Human Resource I – 3 credits
ABM 2054Leadership/Human Resource II – 3 credits
ABM 2055Leadership/Human Resource III – 3 credits
ABM 2056Leadership/Human Resource IV – 3 credits
ABM 2057Leadership/Human Resource V – 3 credits
ABM 2058Leadership/Human Resource VI – 3 credits
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