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Law Enforcement AAS

Degree & Course Information

The Associate of Applied Science degree combines the Law Enforcement Training Academy with related general education courses to assists in career advancement. Please refer to the Law Enforcement Training Academy certificate information in the catalog for specific requirements for the peace officer certification program.

To request a Law Academy Student Information Packet from the Otero College Student Services call 719-384-6831 or contact the Academy Director at 719-384-6867 or

This Associate of Applied Science degree articulates into Colorado Mesa University’s (CMU) Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Administration/Public Safety degree program. Please talk to an advisor for more information.

Students should work closely with their  advisor and contact their transfer institution choices for more specific transfer information.

Law Enforcement Training Academy Certificate Courses
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
LEA1001Basic Police Academy I6
LEA1002Basic Police Academy II12
LEA1003Basic Law Enforcement III2
LEA1004Basic Law Enforcement IV1
LEA1005Basic Law8
LEA1006Arrest Control Techniques3
LEA1007Law Enforcement Driving3
LEA1008Fire Arms3
LEA1010Career Management1
LEA1011Law Enforcement Defensive Weapons1
Law Enforcement Associate of Applied Science Degree Courses
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
LEA 1001Basic Police Academy I6 credits
LEA 1002Basic Police Academy II12 credits
LEA 1003Basic Law Enforcement Academy II2 credits
LEA1004Basic Law Enforcement Academ IV1credit
LEA 1005Basic Law8 credits
LEA 1006Arrest Control Techniques3 credits
LEA 1007Law Enforcement Driving3 credits
LEA 1008Firearms3 credits
LEA 1010Career Management1 credit
LEA 1011Law Enforcement Defensive Weapons1 credit
ENG 1021English Composition I3 credits
ENG 1022English Composition II3 credits
MAT 1140 or MAT 1340Career Math or College Algebra4 credits
PSY 1001 or SOC 1001General Psychology I or Introduction to Sociology I3 credits
PSC 1011American Government3 credits
PSC 1025State and Local Governments3 credits
HIS**History Elective3 credits
CIS 1018 or BUS 1015 or MAN 2026Intro to PC Applications or Introduction to Business or Principles of Management3 credits
*MAT 1140 will not count towards transfer into the BAS in Public Administration/Public Safety at Colorado Mesa University
**HIS 1310, HIS 1320, HIS 1210, or HIS 1220
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