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Building Evacuation & Traffic Regulations

Building Evacuation

Do not ignore a fire alarm. Notify the Otero Physical Plant at 719-384-6818. If you see smoke, immediately call 911. Instructors should take charge of the classroom. Direct all room occupants to evacuate the classroom in a safe and orderly fashion. Be familiar with the classroom and building exits. Refer to the Evacuation Plans that are posted in all campus buildings. Exit the building through the nearest corridor away from smoke or fire. Some classrooms have direct exits to the outside. Do not exit the building through a storage area. Do not use the elevator. Remain as a group outside the building until the source of the alarm condition has been verified by a Physical Plant employee. Re-enter the building once clearance has been given by a Physical Plant employee, police, or fire authority.

Campus Traffic Regulations

Students and college employees are expected to observe posted campus traffic regulations. The maximum speed permitted is 15 MILES PER HOUR, and vehicles are to park only in the designated areas on the campus.

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