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How to Apply 

Otero’s admission policy reflects a belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to engage appropriate courses.

Students at least 16 years of age will in most cases be automatically admitted to Otero. Students who do not meet these requirements must first take a test to demonstrate their ability to benefit from college work.

Admission to the college does not assure that students will be admitted to the program they choose. Some instructional programs are limited to a certain number of students each semester. The college has established a priority system to assure that program applicants will be selected impartially.

New Students 

Students should first submit an Application for Admission which is available online at by clicking on My Otero and then clicking on Apply to Otero, located near the bottom of the page. Applying early improves choices and makes entry into college smoother.

Re-admit Students

Students are required to re-submit an application for admission if enrollment at the college is interrupted for two or more semesters (including the summer term). Students may submit their application for admission online at by clicking on Future Students and Apply to Otero today!

Pre-College Program and Orientation

Pre-college program students are encouraged to attend an orientation session prior to enrollment. Orientation provides general information on topics such as registration, advising, financial aid, support services, and campus activities; a campus tour is included.
Call 719-384-6857 to schedule a session.


Colorado law requires first-time college students to provide proof of adequate immunization against measles. If born on or after January 1, 1957, or if living in the residence hall, students need to submit proof of two MMR shots (measles, mumps, rubella), one given on or after the first birthday and a second dose 30 days later. If the second measles dose came before July 1, 1992, the second mumps and rubella may be waived. In addition, all students living in campus housing must receive the Meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine or sign a waiver against it. Students should contact Student Services for more information.

Services for Students with Disabilities 

If you have a disability and feel that you may benefit from accommodations while attending Otero College, please contact Accessibility Services at or you can call (719) 384 6963 to set up an intake appointment. Accessibility Services is a free service that is here to support you in all your educational endeavors and help promote your independence and self-advocacy. 

Accessibility Services strives to provide a supportive, accessible, non-discriminatory learning and working environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. The vision of Accessibility Services is that individuals with disabilities have full access to education, services, events, and activities Otero College has to offer. 

Transfer Students

Students wanting to transfer to Otero should have their previous official college transcript sent to the Otero Registrar ( as soon as possible. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted and an official transcript must come directly from all colleges attended. Once an evaluation has taken place, the students will be sent an evaluation of the credits that are transferable to Otero. This process usually takes three weeks. Transfer students should be aware of Otero College policy information.

Only Otero College coursework will be used in computing grade point averages for graduation and for any academic honors. Students must be in an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science or an Associate of General Studies degree program. Transfer of academic credit to the college is governed by the following policies and procedures: Otero College may examine credits to ensure that the content is not outdated or obsolete; Otero College accepts credit from postsecondary institutions that are accredited by one of the approved six regional accrediting associations or by specified articulation agreements; credit may be awarded for courses in which a grade of “D” was received. However, certain programs may exclude the use of coursework in which the “D” grade was received.

Following is the Colorado transfer appeals process. Contact the Vice President of Student Affairs if you have any questions.

Transfer dispute appeals process for Colorado public colleges and universities

1. Otero College shall adhere to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education policy and general procedures for solution of transfer disputes.

2. Students must file an appeal within 15 days of receiving their transcript evaluation by writing the Registrar at the receiving institution. The decisions made in the transcript review will be binding if the student fails to file a complaint within this time. Upon receipt of the student’s written appeal, the receiving institution will have 15 days to respond in writing to the student.

3. If the dispute cannot be resolved between the student and the staff of the receiving institution, the student may appeal in writing to the sending institution. The campus presidents from the sending and receiving institution will attempt to resolve the dispute within 30 days from the receipt by the sending institution of the student appeal. Agreement between the sending and receiving institution will constitute a final and binding decision which the receiving institution will communicate to the student.

Current High School Students/Post Secondary Options Act Students

The Post Secondary Options Act allows current students at Colorado high schools to enroll in courses offered by Otero. These courses will appear on an Otero transcript and credit for courses successfully completed may be applied toward a certificate or degree at Otero. High school students must complete an application for admission, provide an immunization record and complete the appropriate registration form. These forms are available from the Office of Student Affairs or from your local high school counselor. High school students are not eligible for financial aid.

For more information contact your high school counselor or call Otero Student Services at 719-384-6800.

International Students

 International students will have a quality experience at Otero College. Students from other cultures enrich learning and campus life for everyone. The College is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students with current visas. These students are classified as international students and will pay the published non-resident student tuition rate.

An international student is any non-immigrant individual in the United States for the purpose of study at an American college or university. The student will hold an F, J or M non-immigrant visa. The term - international student – includes only those on an F-1, M-1 or J-1 student category, visa. International students must follow the general policies of the institution established for all students; however, some specific policies reflect rules and regulations of the USCIS (U.S. Customs & Immigration Services).

International Student Application Packet Forms

Applicants who wish to be admitted as international students (as defined above) must submit the following documents in order to complete the application process. An application packet can be obtained from Student Services, Otero College, 1802 Colorado Ave., La Junta, CO 81050, online at or by submitting an email request to

Forms Include:

1) International Student Application Form. Supporting documents to include with this form:

i. Copy of the identification page of the student passport.

ii. Official secondary school record indicating date of graduation, courses taken and grades earned with the official seal of the institution issuing the documents; with translation if the transcripts are in a language other than English.

iii. TOEFL score of 500 PBT, 60 iBT or better; IELTS score of 5.5 or better or other; Step EIKEN of 2nd Grade A; PTE Academic of 44 or better, GTEC CBT of 1050 are all acceptable proof of language ability. Native English speakers’ secondary school records will be used to verify that English was the primary language of instruction at your secondary school.

2) International Student Financial Support Form. Supporting documents to include with this form:

i. An official financial statement bearing a bank’s seal or other notarized document showing adequate resources to support the applicant’s needs for a period of one year is needed.

ii. Affidavit of support form signed and notarized for financial resources other than student’s personal funds or governmental scholarship.

3) Transfer Request Form (for students transferring from U.S. based institutions ONLY).
Supporting documents to include with this form:

i. Copy of current and all former student visas to the United States

ii. Copy of current and all former I-20 documents

iii. Official copy of transcripts from all former institutions

Upon acceptance students will need to submit the following:

1) Arrival information form (in Welcome Packet included with the I-20 immigration document)

2) Medical History form

3) Copy of the student’s immunization record and English translation if not in English

4) Housing Application with a $100.00 deposit

5) Accuplacer test of proficiency before registration. Students will be required to follow course placement in English, mathematics and reading as indicated by their test results. International students will take the Accuplacer and register for courses as a part of International Orientation at the beginning of each term. Since all documents become the property of Otero College, it is recommended that applicants submit official or certified versions of the document attesting that the document is a true copy of the official version.

Requirements to maintain status include:

1) Maintaining enrollment of at least 12 credit hours (a minimum of 9 credit hours must be on-campus to qualify/maintain F-1/M-1 student status) as per USCIS guidelines.

2) Make progress toward the completion of the student’s educational objectives within a reasonable period of time.

3) Pay balance on the student’s Otero account at time of registration or by the deadline established by the Business Office.

4) Verification of health insurance is mandatory and may be obtained through the college or the applicant’s home country. It must be noted that, if the health insurance policy has been written in the student’s home country, some doctors may insist on payment at the time of treatment. The student would have the responsibility to collect from their insurance by submitting receipts for payment of services.

5) Non-compliance with any USCIS guidelines will result in probation or suspension.

For more information contact Director of International Programs:
719-384-6805 or email

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