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Payment of Tuition & Fees

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students who owe a balance from a prior term or who are financially obligated to Otero – whether through a third-party promise-to-pay, outstanding deferred payment, or failure to account for college property in their possession (including library materials) – will not be allowed to register for subsequent terms and will not be issued an official transcript or diploma until the balance owed is paid in full and all obligations satisfied.

Students may pay all or part of their tuition and fees during early registration or may settle their account on the first day of classes. The total balance of all tuition, fees, room, board, and other current charges is due no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 12th class day of the term to which the charges apply.

Balance due is computed by subtracting all confirmed student financial aid grants and scholarships from current charges. The remainder is what must be paid by the twelfth day of the term. If a third party sponsor arrangement (such as an employer or government agency) is to pay all or a portion of the charges, students will need to provide the college cashier with written evidence of this agreement in order to have the amount deducted from the balance due. Parents or family are not considered third-party sponsors.

Satisfying financial obligations is the final step in the registration process. Students may be administratively dropped from all classes for non-payment of their account.

Refund/Repayment Policy

The first 12 class days of each semester are considered the drop/add period, when students may adjust their class schedules without penalty. If a student officially drops classes by completing the required forms in the Office of Student Affairs before 5:00 p.m. of the 12th class day, full refund of tuition and fees shall be made for the dropped classes except for the non-refundable registration processing fee. The unused portion of room and board charges will also be refunded. However, if a student withdraws after the 12th day, the student will be charged full tuition and fees and the pro-rated amount for room and meals through the day of withdrawal.

Financial Aid Repayment

If a student does not attend even one class (a “no show”), all financial aid awards to that student will be canceled and repaid to the funding source.

If a student withdraws, drops out, or is expelled within the first 12 class days, that student is treated, for refund/repayment purposes, the same as a “no show.” No Title IV financial aid money is disbursed, the award is canceled, and funds are returned to the funding source.

Financial aid awards are not disbursed to student accounts until after the 12th day of class. After the 12th day, the student will receive 100 percent of the financial aid earned, to be applied first against any balance due to the college, with any additional amount being disbursed to the student to meet past, current, and future living expenses.

Financial aid eligibility will be recalculated and amount of refund or repayment will be determined by the Financial Aid Office for students who withdraw, drop out, or take a leave of absence after the 12th day of class and prior to completing 60 percent of the term. Disbursement checks will be made to the student within a reasonable time after the 12th day. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 719-384-6834.

Senior Citizen Scholarships

Senior Citizens are classified as individuals over the age of 60 at the time a class begins. These students may enroll in courses and receive a $50 per credit hour scholarship. Scholarships are limited to six (6) credit hours per academic year. Scholarships will only be given if the course has room to accommodate extra students on a space available basis. Enrollees must also qualify for the COF stipend and utilize those funds for courses. Weight Training and other PED courses are not eligible for this discount.

Choir and Aerobics are "performance-based courses" and the only courses for which qualified senior citizens may enroll in multiple times and receive the Senior Citizen Scholarship. Registration for all credit classes is handled through the Otero Student Affairs.

Senior Citizens also have the opportunity to enroll in health and wellness programs offered through the Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness program. These are no-cost programs offered to seniors through their Medicare healthcare provider.

*See the Affiliated College Programs section of this catalog for more details.

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