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Otero Players

The Otero Players is an independent project of the Otero College Department of Arts. We are a consortium of faculty members, students, college staff, and community volunteers who produce live theatrical events, stage plays, and mediated performances for a variety of venues. Being a part of the Otero Players not only means that you get a chance to perform on stage, but you can also collaborate with other students to make sure the show runs smoothly. Important backstage roles include, lighting and sound technicians, set and costume design as well as director and playwright.

Our primary mission is to educate our students and our audiences through the performing arts, and to enhance our community's understanding of social issues and the human condition. We are dedicated to teaching and learning, to research and discovery, and to outreach and public service. In addition to main stage productions, we create and present dramas based on local and regional history, record radio plays for broadcast and podcast, and provide community outreach through Carpa Otero, which offers performing arts in the Hispanic tradition.

Past Productions


Medieval Morality Play | April 2019

The play Everyman, is a medieval drama by an unknown author from 1485. “While the author is unknown, this medieval morality play has a long history of related parables: a man is summoned by death and must take account of his life, but realizes the worldly possessions are of little value compared to the good deeds and pure spirit he has been neglecting.” Litle said.

End Game

Samuel Beckett | April 2018

End Game - Samuel Beckett, a play about playing the game and knowing the end

Beckett’s one-act play, aligned with the Theatre of the Absurd, presents four characters that seem both strange and familiar to audiences: while they go about a routine that at times feels like a game and at other times an obligation, the four characters remind audiences of our own routines and habits we adhere to, and at times, try to change.

Bus Stop

William Inge | April 2017

Bus Stop

Bus Stop takes place inside "a street-corner restaurant in a small Kansas town about thirty miles west of Kansas City." Due to icy conditions, an inter-state bus is forced to stop for the night. One by one, the bus passengers are introduced, each with their own quirks and conflicts.

Cast of Bus Stop

Otero Players present Bus Stop