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As students and parents explore their options for paying for college, taking advantage of scholarship opportunities should be one of their top strategies. While the cost of college may seem overwhelming to families, the simple task of exploring and completing scholarship applications could offer the financial solutions that students need. Please look over the scholarships we offer—it could be the perfect financial boost you need to help finance your college education. Then use the Online Scholarship Application to connect to AwardSpring, our new scholarship program that makes applying for your scholarships easier than ever before!


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You May be Eligible for up to $3000 Annually to Finish What You Started at Otero!


Scholarship Name (in alphabetical order) Qualifications Duration Amount
Ashley Rochelle Abel Nursing Scholarship 3.0+ gpa, Nursing student, 5 hrs community service School Year $500
Boundless Opportunity Scholarship Full-time non-traditional students, 23 yrs or older, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Demonstrate financial need. School Year $2,000
CCCS Last Mile Scholarship Program

Pursuing an Associate’s degree or certificate.

Have a maximum of 15 credit hours remaining to earn an Associate’s degree or completed 75% of program requirements for certificates.

See scholarship attachment for more qualifications.

Awards made throughout the year. Funding is limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
Central Colorado Educational Trust Scholarship Graduate from SE Colo H.S., full-time student, Agricultural emphasis, School Year $1000
Chapter GM P.E.O. Scholarship Full-time female student, 2.5+ gpa, La Junta, Cheraw, Swink H.S. graduate. School Year $500
Classified Employees Scholarship Qualified returning sophomore only, 3.0+ gpa, Full time student. One scholarship of $1000, ($500 per semester). Semester $500
Colley Scholarship (STEM) AS degree in STEM field, 3.0+ gpa, full-time student up to Two Years $2,500 yr
Colorado Scholars 3.0 Scholarship - High School or First Time College Students

Colorado residents only, 3.0+ gpa, Graduating High School Students or First Time College Students ONLY Semester $1000
Colorado Scholars 3.0 Scholarship - Current or Transfer Students Colorado residents only, 3.0+ gpa, Current Students or Transfer Students ONLY Semester $1000
Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Full-time students, income qualifications, apply to TRiO program Semester up to
Conley Memorial Scholarship Full-time student, 2.5+ gpa, ASG or Athletics or Political Science/History major. up to Two Years Variable
Cordova-Wentling Scholarship in Memory of Mona Becerra-Garibay Graduate of La Junta H.S., Full Time Student, Awarded to student earning associate degree in any transfer or career program related to teaching. The criteria for the scholarship are based on financial need, academic merit, Hispanic heritage, school and community involvement. School Year $1,000
E.E. Bruegel Memorial Scholarship Graduate of Las Animas H.S. School Year $300
The Franzman Family Scholarship
New model for the Franzman Family Scholarship
2.5+ gpa, four scholarships each year. Two awarded to first year (freshman) students and two awarded to continuing second year (sophomore) students. School Year $1250
The Franzman Nursing Scholarship 2.5+ gpa, Two Nursing Scholarships will be available to be awarded, one to a first year (freshman) student and one to a continuing second year (sophomore), both enrolled in the nursing program and pursuing qualification as registered nurses School Year $2,500
Franzman President's Leadership Scholarship 3.2+ gpa, 20 President's Leadership Program (PLP) annual scholarships will be awarded. School Year $1000
The Freda T. Roof Scholarship Financial need School Year Variable
The Jenny Bransteitter Memorial Scholarship Women's Volleyball athlete, full-time student at Otero, financial need, one volunteer event per semester School Year $2,000 ($1,000 for Fall Semester and $1,000 for Spring Semester)
Jo Lynn Dutton Peters Scholarship Full-time female student, 2.5+ gpa, Graduate of L.J., Swink, or Cheraw H.S. School Year $500
Kane Family 2 Year Merit Colo Resident, 3.25+ gpa, seek associate degree within 2 consecutive years. Must plan to transfer to UCCS upon graduation from Otero. Two Years Tuition, Fees, Books
Kay Mahoney Scholarship Healthcare Program at Otero, 3.2+ gpa, commitment to community service. School Year Variable
Ag Premier Scholarship Agricultural involvement, enrolled in an ag science course School Year up to $1,500
President's Leadership Scholarship Must be selected for the President's Leadership Program, 3.2+ GPA and remains in good standing with PLP. School Year $1000 ($500 for Fall Semester and $500 for Spring Semester)
Robert Hoag Rawlings Scholarship 2.5+ gpa, journalism or business emphasis, students from 18-county Southeastern Colorado area School Year $2000
Vera and Alan Shand Scholarship Full-time student, 3.0 + gpa, pursuing a degree in education, priority given to students graduating from Lower Arkansas Valley.

Full-time student, 3.0 + gpa, pursuing a degree in nursing and accepted into the Nursing Program.


Twilla Anderson Scholarship Full-time student, 3.0 + gpa, graduated from La Junta High School, participated in at least one sport and belonged to minimum of one club or organization their senior year. School Year $500
Wickham Family Scholarship Full-time student pursuing a degree in the Engineering field or Math/Science, 3.0+ gpa School Year $500

International Student Scholarships

Franzman International Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by Seth and Barbara Franzman for the benefit of a deserving second-year (sophomore) international student to assist with funds necessary to continue their education at Otero College, and to promote a positive international culture in the College community.

International Academic/Leadership Scholarship*

Current Otero international students who have received the distinction of being on the President’s List, have demonstrated leadership and have been active in community service can apply for this scholarship award of $500 toward the following semester at Otero.

International Spirit Scholarship Application*

Current Otero international students who have received the distinction of being on the Institutional Recognition Honors List, have been active in community service and have demonstrated and fostered opportunities to reach across cultural borders to promote international understanding can apply for this scholarship award of $250 toward the following semester at Otero.

Student Life Scholarship

A $500 per semester tuition scholarship to students who select to live in Otero College on-campus housing and participate in Student Life activities and events.

*These scholarships are made possible from the proceeds of the International Foods Night Event in the spring term. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support this program!

Colorado Scholarships

Colorado Scholars Program - Scholarships of tuition are available to Colorado residents only who have a cumulative high school grade point average 3.00 or better (High School Scholarship) or 3.00 or better from Otero College or previous college (College Scholarship). Student must be enrolled full-time at Otero College. These scholarships are also available to returning Otero sophomore students who have maintained at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA.

Applications must be received by the Director of Financial Aid by August 1st. Awards are made depending upon the availability of funds and will be supplemented by the Colorado Student Grant if the student receives both awards. (Funds from the Colorado Scholars Program are not available for the summer term).

Community Sponsored Scholarships

  • Arkansas Valley Board of Realtors Scholarship
  • La Junta Rotary Club Scholarship
  • EE Bruegel Memorial

For Information on how to apply for these scholarships please contact the Director of Financial Aid at Otero College.

Private Donor Scholarships

The are a number of scholarships established by individuals and organizations interested in the welfare of Otero and its students. Eligibility for these awards varies according to the donor's wishes. Please contact the Director of Financial Aid to find out more about Private Donor Scholarships. Also, click below to see currently available scholarships.

For Information on how to apply for these scholarships please contact the Director of Financial Aid at Otero College.

General Scholarships

  • Student Scholarship Search
    Explore new scholarships, grants, and other opportunities in this directory where you can browse and search without having to divulge any personal information.

  • Scholarship Points
    In exchange for filling out surveys, making YouTube videos, and other whimsical activities, students who register for Scholarship Points can win a thousand dollars from our random drawing every month.