Mental Health Services

Counseling Services Offered:

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling can be helpful for times when you are dealing with specific, intense, and/or longer-term mental health concerns. Individual counseling is typically something you are referred for and can be a supportive supplement to involvement in group counseling endeavors. Individual counseling is limited to 6-sessions/student and can be used as a gateway to getting you connected with a local provider who is able to offer support for years to come.

Group Counseling

Counseling in a group environment is thought to be extremely effective because peer-to-peer engagement in a highly supportive and safe environment allows participants the room to relate, respond, revise, and evolve. Working alongside others helps to engender mindsets which are empathetic, inclusive, and promote mutual-growth opportunities. You will find group promotion around campus and I encourage you to ask about current offerings. Go group!


What does depression look like? What are tools for managing anxiety? How does trauma impact the brain? Psychoeducation does exactly what the word implies – it provides education around human psychology. Psychoeducation is helpful and effective in providing us a framework for better understanding our own and others’ mental health processes. It constructs a foundation for greater acceptance of ourselves and our world. Be on the lookout for trainings and workshops. Stop by anytime with questions and feedback!

Where on campus can you find our counselor?

This room’s location is discrete and tucked away, making it a great setting for individual sessions where privacy is requisite.

This room is large and open, allowing space for group counseling and group-based activities. It should be noted that this room is not ADA accessible. Please contact Molly Borton, Otero College Mental Health Counselor, if the accessibility of this room is a concern so that accommodations can be made.

Molly Borton

Molly Borton

Mental Health Counselor
(719) 384-6945
Humanities Center 124

Semester Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8AM-5PM
Friday: 8AM-12PM (Remote)

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