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AIM Program

The AIM program serves Otero’s entire student population by promoting educational opportunities through orientation, mentoring, advising, case management and professional development.

Do you want to become a more successful college student?

The AIM program focuses on Building College Readiness through the development of expanded in-person and online orientation programs.  Students will better understand the processes and expectations of becoming a successful college student. The orientation programs also focus on helping families better understand how they can support their student.  Our case manager provides one-on-one assistance to students as well as offering workshops and wellness programs to help students build life skills.

Do you need guidance and support to achieve your goals?

The AIM program offers Mentoring and Advising programs.  Students are paired with faculty, staff and peer mentors who will help acquaint students with the Otero culture, provide information on services, careers, and give general support to the student throughout their academic experience at Otero.  Students will receive academic advising to help them choose a degree path, complete their degree on time, and graduate from Otero College.

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Are you looking for job experience related to your field?

The AIM Program Expands the Student Experience by providing students with additional opportunities to work with faculty and gain experience related to their studies outside the classroom. Otero faculty also have the opportunity to develop research projects with students or to include service learning components in their coursework. 

Meet the AIM Team

Shawn Japhet

Shawn Japhet

AIM Grant Project Director
Phone: (719) 384-6862
Office: Humanities Center 123

I am the AIM Grant Project Director. As the
director I serve as the institutional lead for the project, oversee the project budget and head the Title V Steering Committee. I came to Otero as a tutor in 2005. Over my 16 years at Otero, I have been a tutor, Director of Student Success Center and Disability Services and most recently the Educational Resource and Disabilities Services Specialist. I am an alumni of Otero and received my Bachelor of Science in Applied Management from National American University. I love spending time with my family, participating in outdoor activities, watching athletic events and crafting.
Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez

Case Manager
Phone: (719) 384-6811
Office: Humanities Center 122

My position as Case Manager with the AIM Grant is very exciting.  I want my presentations and workshops to be interesting and informative so students can have a positive experience while gaining an education.  I work closely with all other project staff to provide ongoing support to students.  I meet face to face with students, and provide referrals and resources to support services within the college and in our community.  I have connected with many students on a first name basis and hear of their goals, interests, and adventures.  I was born and raised in Rocky Ford.  My roots are very deep in the Arkansas Valley.  I enjoy promoting the area and all the history here.  I’m still a Loud cheerleader for the Meloneers - as well as the Rattlers!  I am an alumni of Otero.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Applied Management from National American University.  I am part of the CARE Team which helps students, faculty, and staff members feel safe and supported while living, working, and learning at Otero College.  I enjoy watching our athletic competitions, participating in events on campus, time with family and friends, listening to live music, swimming, bicycling, and photography.
Cedric Quintana

Cedric Quintana

Student Success Coach
Phone: (719) 384-6860
Office: Academic Success Center

I am the Student Success Coach at Otero College. I am an Otero alumni and I am here to help with assisting students with Career Advisement and promoting Career Exploration if you are unsure of what you want to major in. I enjoy Snowboarding, traveling and attending concerts during my free time.
Kimberly Munro

Kimberly Munro, Ph.D.

Faculty Professional Development and Student Research Coordinator
Phone: (719) 384-6878
Office: Wheeler Hall 116

I am the Faculty Professional Development Lead & Student Research Coordinator with the AIM Grant. I’m here to connect you with research projects, volunteer work, and other service and experiential learning opportunities both on and off campus. I’m hoping to help pair any interested students with  the right hands-on learning project that will help them to develop skills outside of the classroom, while compliment your classroom learning and respective degree program. I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2018 with my PhD in Archaeology, and have a long term research project still digging in Peru during the summer months. I enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, running, exploring archaeological sites, visiting National Parks, and watching College Football. Geaux Tigers!
Caitlyn Dieckmann

Caitlyn Dieckmann

Academic Advisor
Phone: (719) 384-6999
Office: Learning Commons 124

Jadyn Bevington

Jadyn Bevington

Mentoring Coordinator
(719) 384-6880
Academic Success Center