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COSI Finish What You Started Program

You May be Eligible for up to $3000 Annually to Finish What You Started at Otero!

The COSI Finish What You Started program is a grant funded program to provide financial assistance and support services to students who have earned credits at Otero and want to return to complete their degree/certificate.

What students get:

  • One-on-one guidance from the Student Success Coordinator to map out academic plan for completion
  • Referrals to tutoring and support programs on campus to assist with academic challenges
  • Connections to services off-campus to alleviate non-academic barriers to student success
  • Financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students who are eligible (over $250,000 designated for scholarships over a two-year grant period)


Who is eligible:

  • Must have “some-credit, no-degree” from Otero or another accredited college in the past
  • Must be impacted economically by the pandemic, or show some sort of financial hardship
  • Must be pursuing a first higher education degree or certificate

Finish What You Started Program Submission Form

For more information: